Hi, I'm Joe X!
In this minimalistic website I'll be posting my light webapps.
Also you can check the code on my Github page.(If i haven't forgotten to upload there)

Don't forget to follow me on social media for more "webapps":

Perlin Melodica v1.8beta

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This is a Digital Audiovisual Instrument that uses the Perlin algorithm to generate a texture were you can draw on it at a set pace (BPM) and, while drawing, it will generate a note where is being drawn according to the selected root-note and scale. At the same time the drawn color is given by the note that is generated.
Here's the Keyboard Layout:

Avatar Mic-Cam v1.2

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This is a little "webapp" I made for using when, livestreaming, you don't want to use (or don't have) a webcam.
Anyways, it's easy to use. Just start by clicking here (or the app's name), give it permission to use the microphone and click the image to start (don't worry, you can change the image) and change the background color for the chroma key.
Then you go to your streaming app, add the pop-up window as a Window Capture, crop it and voilá! you have your avatar, for your livestream, reacting to your microphone.


Stream Chat to TTS (beta 1.5)

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This is a web app for streamers to have a bot read your chat using the OS's TTS.

Proyecto HOMeS (Spanish)

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This was a commission
The webpage is a virtual performance about the political situation of Beirut and the migration of many of Beirut citizens to Ecuador.
Going through the page you'll see information about the issue (in Spanish) and the artist's performance.

laemece.com (Spanish)

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This was a commission
This is the main page of the Ecuadorian band La Máquina Camaleón. It was created as a way to pre-release their last single MARI4 (2021/07/23).
The goal of the game is to find all the stems of the new single scattered through a beach, and when you get all the stems, you'll get to download the single.
All platform should be supported. if you find anything like a bug or error, please leave a comment here or a comment or DM on my socials.

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